The decision


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Jul 6, 2020
He was desperate. Something was eating his body yet a doctor wasn’t an option. He hated them. All his life doctors were his friends and help for his friends, but not him. Now that everything was hurting from body to brain he wouldn’t call anyone but his long lasting friend Donnie. She would tell him what to take to ease the pain. She was his “doctor”. Everything she will suggest worked, but only for so long. Now it was time to take the decision. He had a daughter and a grandchild but all he could think is death. Freedom of that body turned into cage. His mind being trapped in it as well. Would it be right, he wrote the note lied down on his bed and pull the trigger. It was over. Was he wrong to do that? It was his body. Was he right to do that? He had children and friends who loved him and wanted to help but now they’ll morn. Was he egoistic? What will the church say, or the society? We put down animals because they are in “pain”, and we know we will mourn. Why we can’t give that option to people who have the full knowledge of their physical and psychological state? Is it right or is it wrong?! Who can make that decision but ourselves!